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My kids called me a pack rat and a hoarder. My oldest said, " Mother if you get disabled you can come and live with me, but you can not bring all that junk.


Now, am I supposed to get rid of my mother's cotton cards, the bird clock gift from my friend Virginia, the pictures of me interviewing the Lt. Governor of Alaska or a famous heart surgeon in Houston, or my letter from Sarah Palin?


When I went to Alaska in 1993 I took what I could pack in my car. When I left there in 2014 it would have taken an "18-wheeler" to bring my "stuff" to the  "lower 48." Well, I left half of it in Alaska and still brought too much with me. Downsizing was a chore, but I did it and could now get all my "stuff" in my car if I left here.


Victoria's organizers would like to help you get rid of your 18-wheeler of clutter. Looking forward to meeting you and working with you.

Laura Ecker


I was a minimalist long before the term hit social media. My first career was in the Air Force happily wearing uniforms and carrying my life in a duffel bag. As a commercial actress I continued to carry my life in a travel bag from one film set to the next.


Asking mom to join me was the wisest business move I have made since becoming a professional organizer 5 years ago. We are very close and share a dark sense of humor. Her conservative views and my liberal views make for some interesting discussions, but we always find a way to compromise or agree to disagree.


I look forward to helping you bring a little order, but not too much, to your life. My mission is to help you create the life you dream of.