April Calendar Organizing: Self Care Month

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Spring is in full swing now – unless you are in Indiana, and with Easter on the first, you may look forward to a personal time break after the holiday to enjoy some outdoor activities. This post is a revision of my post from last year, because it is easier to revise than create…and I had rather be out in my garden.

I always read a cleaning/organizing challenge before doing my monthly organizing blog post….just to remind me that overly ambitious monthly organizing challenges are not for me.  I don’t have two hours a day to spend cleaning for an entire month and I don’t expect my clients and readers to do this either. I plan my monthly calendar with small to-do tasks and reminders of upcoming events like birthdays. Being organized is a lifestyle….. a combination of time management and organizing tasks.

Time to take out your calendar and plan your month. My entries here are just suggestions and examples. Yours will look very different.

April 1. Happy Easter! I hope you have a wonderful day with your loved ones. April Fool’s Day prank…..Easter eggs filled with ……broccoli?

April 2. If you have procrastinated, now is the time to collect all receipts and papers for taxes.

April 3. If you are finished with taxes, purge and organize your files. You do not have to do it all in one day. You can shred a lot of bill statements and banks statements that are now easily available on-line. For a list of important papers, check this blog post.

April 4. Complete your taxes and mail. Please shred papers with identifying information.

April 5. Locate your garden supplies and service your lawnmower. Get rid of old chemicals by taking them to the TOX BOX. www.indy.gov/toxdrop

April 6. Do a self care activity. Get a new haircut or pedicure for sandal season.

April 7. Clean old mulch out of flowerbed and add new mulch. Plant some pansies and  perennials if temperatures are cool.

April 8. Spring cleaning project. Let the sunshine in. Clean your windows. Then open all windows and air out the house if possible. If it is still too cold, sub this for a day later in the month.

April 9. Self care day…plan a visit or fun activity with a friend you haven’t seen in a while.

April 10. Clean out linen closet. Purge sheets and towels that are worn. Is it time for some lovely bright spring colors? Consider a new lightweight bedspread.

April 11.  Shop for a new swimsuit. Treat yourself to a massage or yoga class.

April 12. Buy a new outfit for spring events, music concerts at school, graduations.

April 13. Tax crunch time. Hope you are finished with yours by now.

April 14. Garage de-clutter. Time to purge.

April 15. Garage organization and cleaning.

April 16. Plan summer childcare.

April 17. Complete any registrations due in late summer or fall. Sports leagues, school classes, etc.

April 18. Buy pool passes. Get amusement park tickets early to save money. Plan summer day trips and check schedules for tours, etc.

April 19. Shampoo your carpets. Open the windows to let in fresh air while you work.

April 20. Spruce up house plants by pruning and repotting. Divide your ivy. Add a few new plants or an herb garden in the kitchen window.

April 21. Buy a few new home accessories. Add 2-3 new pieces to freshen things up. Donate the old items.

April 22. Earth day. Plant a tree.

April 23. Clean blinds or replace them. Do your curtains need to be cleaned? Do you need new curtains?

April 24. Clean your front and back doors. I really like a cleaner called Greased Lightning for this. Please spot test before using. When I worked in property maintenance this was our go to cleaning product.

April 25. Do you have any elderly relatives or neighbors to visit or buy Mother’s Day gifts for? These small “time commitments” can overwhelm a busy weekend if you fail to plan for them.

April 26. Clean switch plates and outlet covers. Clean baseboards.

April 27. Self care day. Take yourself to a movie without the kids…alone or with your significant other or a friend.

April 28. Purchase graduation gifts and Mother’s day gifts.

April 29. Mother’s day planning. Are you eating out or do you need to prepare a meal? If you want to eat out, make plans now.

April 30. Take out your calendar and plan the month of May.


Now breathe a sigh of relief. The important to-do’s are written down and you are prepared for a relaxing month. May is the busiest month next to December with end of school, moving season, graduations, summer vacation plans. Take some time for self care in April to prepare yourself mentally for May.





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