July Calendar Organizing

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In addition to doctor appointments and July 4th party plans, think about other special occasions and must do tasks this month. My daughter starts school on July 27, so we will be busy preparing for that. If you start later in September, you may want to transfer some of these tasks to your August calendar. The most important thing is to plan your month . So often we only put appointments and special occasions on our calendar without leaving time or reminders in our schedules for preparing for these events. It is also important to schedule time for auto and home maintenance. It’s those extra things that pop up that are schedule killers. So let’s get started. I actually follow this calendar plan as I go through my month. I make adjustments when needed.


July 1 – Double check plans for holiday celebrations. Is the party at your house or are you going to a party? Print out maps, prepare costumes or special outfits and get your beach bag ready.  Do you need a hostess gift?


July 2 – Shop for party food and supplies.


July 3 – Party prep and decorating. Tie dye t-shirts are always a big hit.


July 4 – Independence Day. Happy Birthday America!


July 5 – After some morning relaxation, head out to the dollar store and get some party supplies on sale. Buy a tote for storing them if you don’t already have one.


July 6 – Organize and store party supplies and decorations. Take a quick minute to think about your next party occasion and locate the box of decorations. That is all. Just find them.


July 7 – Many Indiana schools begin the last day in July. Make a detailed need list of school clothes for the kids.


July 8 – Back to school fashion show. Have your kids try on everything in their closet and have a “fitting.” This is a great time to clean out their closet.


July 9 – Compare your need list with items that are still wearable. Revise your list. My daughter and I have a Pinterest wish list for her.


July 10 – Take your children shopping for one week of outfits. For many families in Indiana, this means one week of shorts because school is starting in July.


July 11 – Check your school’s calendar and announcements for school supply lists, activity and athletic club sign-ups, etc.


July 12 – Get kids a haircut two weeks before school starts. A not so great haircut can be redone or have a chance to grow out slightly.


July 13 – Check local retailers for school supply sales. Don’t forget about backpacks. Put the sale date on your calendar.


July 14 – Now is the time to plan medical and dental appointments during the school year. Do you need to try to re-arrange future appointments to fit your schedule better?


July 15 – Take a break from school planning. Take a short day trip with your family.


July 16 – Start thinking about Christmas shopping. Lots of stores have end of year clearance on last year’s electronics. Plus, you can see reviews online to find out what gadgets really worked well and what didn’t last year. Save big money.


July 17 – Self care day. Coffee date or shopping with friends…grownup time.


July 18 – Spend a day shopping deep clearance on summer clothes and toys. Stock up for next year.


July 19 – Purchase school supplies. Clean out your old crayons, pencils, and pens. Sharpen crayons and pencils and test the pens and markers to see if they will work.


July 20 – Organize some kitchen drawers. Ikea has some pretty drawer dividers or make some really cheap with cereal boxes and paper or cloth. Either way this shouldn’t take more than 1 hour.


July 21 – July organizing project. Start a complete home inventory. Video all  household items and valuables. Be sure to get views of all serial numbers of electronics.


July 22 – If you are planting a vegetable garden this fall draw your garden plan.


July 23 – Time to start thinking about your own wardrobe for the fall. Take an hour to purge. Make a list of items that need to be replaced.


July 24 – Do a trial run for school. Organize 5 outfits and double-check shoes and accessories. Hang finished outfits together or fold them together on a shelf.


July 25 – Auto maintenance day. Oil change, wash and wax. Clean interior. Get ready for school carpools.


July 26 – Go around your entire home interior and make a list of things that need to be repaired.


July 27 – Visually inspect the outside of your home and make a repair list.


July 28 – Shop for supplies for home repair projects. Fall is the best time for home maintenance projects in Indiana. Cooler weather but not a lot of rain.


July 29 – Start early and jot down ideas to do in August.


July 30 – Self care day. Date night? Massage?


July 31 – Plan your August calendar.

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