“May”Hem – Calendar Organizing for a Mixed Up Month

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May is full of endings and beginnings. School is out but summer begins. If you are planning on selling or buying a new home, may is extremely busy for real estate. If you are a gardener can’t miss planting deadlines this month will make or break your growing season. Adding to the general mayhem for much of the country is lack of Spring weather of any kind. In the Midwest we went from 30 degrees to 78 in one week, and it has stayed very warm.

Throw in Mother’s Day, graduations, awards programs at school, band concerts, field trips, weddings and birthdays and more (the Indy 500?) How will you ever get it all done?

College bound seniors preparing for the whirlwind of moving to college or out into their own apartment can feel very excited, but very stressed right now. Even exciting events should be included in evaluating how stressful your life is.

Planning May effectively, and every month of the year, will help you relax, be more efficient, and be emotionally and physically present for all these important events.

Ideally calendar planning for the month should be started at the end of the previous month, but starting anytime is good. Get out your calendar and see how I do this. Put your own events in as we go.

May 1 – Write down all school events.

May 2 – Write down all graduations, birthdays, weddings and parties.

May 3 – Buy dirt and plants for your container garden. Buy seeds for your vegetable garden. Get mulch and other garden supplies. Don’t plant summer annuals yet as it can still be cool and even have a frost in early May.

May 4 – Make a detailed list of all gifts you need to purchase and ideas for what to buy. Go online and look for sales.

May 5 – Shop for all graduation presents and Mother’s day if you haven’t already done this. Buy a few extra gifts to keep on hand for birthdays and baby showers. Is it difficult to buy for mom since she already has everything? A gift certificate for home organizing or de-clutter could be just the right thing!

Organizing Gift Certificates

May 6 – Sunday morning is always family time for us. Sunday afternoon is family outside work time, mowing, weeding, planting. Family quality time should be scheduled first, before any other commitments. You won’t regret this in the years to come.

May 7 – Make a list of upcoming wardrobe needs. New summer gear? Spring and summer shoes.

May 8 – Take all winter gear and store it….finally! This was the longest most miserable winter ever.

May 9 – Did you know that appliances sales are very popular in May? Sears Memorial Day Sale is up to 40% off. Plan a Saturday shopping trip if you need new appliances.

May 10 – Take this day and leave it blank. Switch it out with another day’s task from this week when you need to enter a party invitation or plan a party yourself…or make it a ME day.

May 11 – Any birthdays this month? Plan early. Buy birthday party supplies and stock up on gift bags, tape, money holder cards, and greeting cards. Party supplies are usually on sale in May.

May 12 – Get an oil change to be ready for summer driving.

May 13 – Mother’s Day.

May 14 – If you are planning to move or sell your home soon, start early.

May 15 – Prepare outfits for graduations and awards ceremonies. Cleaned, mended, shop for new? Update accessories or shoes? There are lots of cute jumpsuits, jumpers, and dusters this year! I really love Forever 21

May 16 – Self care – manicure, massage, new hairdo, or a few hours to enjoy a good book.

May 17 – Go over Memorial Day plans? Do you attend traditional memorial ceremonies or put flowers on the grave of a loved one? Memorial Day ceremonies are becoming more rare as this holiday has become a day to cookout and enjoy the warm weather with friends and family. No matter how you spend the day, make your plans early.

May 18 – Has this ever happened to you? At the last minute you realize you are not sure where the graduation ceremony building is. At the high school football field or in the gym? Did you allow for parking? Extra time for the walk to the building. Take time to find these answers before the big day.

May 19. Next week is the optimal time to plant your summer flower or vegetable garden. Plan your garden by mapping it out on paper before going shopping for plants. Measure your space and shop accordingly. If you have limited space raised beds can increase your vegetable yield. Check out this article.    HGTV Blog

May 20 – Plan time/spend time this day with friends before school is over since summer is challenging to schedule with everyone on vacation.

May 21 – Me day. Anything you want it to be.

May 22 – Do a 1 hour organizing project. Clean a kitchen junk drawer? Sort your towels and linens for summer. Discard any that are worn out. Leave a comment below if you need ideas.

May 23 – Sign up for summer reading programs if you haven’t already.

May 24 – Purchase pool passes or get pics taken for your community pool.

May 25 – Last of day of school.

May 26 – Garden Saturday! Start by breaking up the ground with a tiller or shovel. Then shake out the weeds and put them on compost pile. Add some extra topsoil or sand and humus if you have clay soil. Plant your flowers or vegetables. If you just want a simple flower bed because you do not have a green thumb, my blog post can help!  Super Easy 1 Hour Flower Bed

May 27 – Race Day! Indy 500.

May 28 – Memorial Day – Most pools open for the season!

May 29 – Start on June Calendar!

May 30 – Finish June calendar planning!

May 31 – Rest, relax, read. Schools out.




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