The 1 Hour Amazing Flower Bed

March 7, 2018 Laura Ecker No comments exist
Photo By Laura Ecker

One of my philosophies about life is to Keep It Simple Sally. When I worked in residential landscaping, one of my responsibilities was to redo flower beds before a new tenant moved into the neighborhood. This is the method I used most often because it is extremely simple and very inexpensive. Even if you have a black thumb you can’t kill these plants or ruin this flower bed. This is also a great solution for simple landscaping to provide curb appeal when trying to sell your home.

Step 1.
Measure your flower beds.

Step 2.
Buy 1 hosta or one lily for every 4 feet of bed. Hostas work
best in full or partial shade, and lilies work well in full sun.



Step 3.
Buy black weed paper and cut it to fit entire length of flower bed.

Step 4.
After laying the paper, make a small cut  every 4 feet in the paper. Cut out an 8″ diameter circle at this point.

Step 5.
Dig a hole 6″ deep and 12″ in diameter under the hole in the black paper. Repeat for the length of the bed.

Step 6.
Put the hosta or lily in the hole and cover it with dirt. Water thoroughly.

Photo by Laura Ecker

Step 7.
After your plants are in the ground, cover the black paper completely with landscaping stone or mulch. I suggest mulch if you are trying to sell your home because landscaping stone is harder to change if the new owner wants something different.

Step 8.
Water three times per week during dry summer months. Twice per week should be sufficient in spring or fall. Weeding is hardly ever necessary because the black ground paper smothers the weeds and grass.  One important piece of information. Hostas and lilies are perennials. Perennials means a plant comes back every year.  Once you plant this simple bed formation, you can enjoy it for many years with very low maintenance. To add some color plant annuals in between the hostas or lilies.


Step 9.
Sit on your front porch and enjoy your spring.

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